Indigenous Studies Research Network

ISRN seminars

Since 2007 the Indigenous Studies Research Network has hosted a number of academics from across the globe including distinguished guests from Connecticut (USA), Calgary (Canada), Edmonton (Canada), Saskatoon (Canada) and Illinois (USA), Hawaii (USA), New Zealand, Los Angeles (USA), New York (USA), Chicago (USA), Florida (USA) and Washington (USA).  With a continuing program, visiting Australian and International scholars will present and discuss their research projects, published material and current work within their respective disciplines.  Theses seminar series are held intermittently throughout the year and for more information, please join our mailing list by sending us an email at or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Seminar program 2015

Monday 30 March

Professor Chris Anderson University of Alberta (CAN) & Associate Professor Alice Te Punga Somerville Macquarie (NZ) (PDF, 270KB)

Seminar program 2013

Friday 7 June

Dr George Yancy, Professor of Philosophy at Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA (PDF, 69KB)

Seminar program 2012

Monday 9 July

Associate Professor Troy Richardson, Cornell University, United States of America (PDF, 340KB)

Friday 26 October

Professor Bob Miller, Lewis and Clark Law School Portland, United States of America(PDF, 152KB)