Indigenous Studies Research Network

International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies

Volume 9, Number 1, 2016

Title: Editorial
Editors: Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson (QUT),
Dr David Singh (QUT).

Guest Editor:
Chelsea Bond


Title: 'Which way? Talking culture, talking race': Unpacking an Indigenous cultural competency course
Professor Bronwyn Fredericks
Central Queensland University, Australia.

Debbie Bargallie
Central Queensland University, Australia.


Title: Rethinking Sociology, Social Darwinism and Aboriginal Peoples
Associate Professor Kathleen Butler
University of Newcastle, Australia.


Title: The deconstruction exercise: An assessment tool for enhancing critical thinking in cultural safety education
David Sjoberg
Flinders University, Australia.

Professor Dennis McDermott
Flinders University, Australia.


Title: Teaching Indigenous Studies: Considering racialized assemblages and the Indigenous educator’s body in tutoring spaces
Faye Rosas-Blanch
Flinders University, Australia.