Indigenous Studies Research Network

International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies

Volume 5, Number 2, 2012

Title: Editorial
Name: Aileen Moreton-Robinson, Maggie Walter and David Singh

Title: Whitewashing the Gap: The Discursive Practices of Whiteness
Author: Robyn Moore, University of Tasmania

Title: Gustatory Redemption? Colonial Appetites, Historical Tales and the Contemporary Consumption of Australian Native Foods
Author: Charlotte Craw, Monash University

Title: Indigenous Children’s ‘Best Interests’ at the Crossroads: Citizenship Rights, Indigenous Mothers and Child Protection Authorities
Author: Kyllie Cripps, University of New South Wales

Title: Claiming Interstitial Space for Multicultural, Transdisciplinary Research Through Community-up Values
Author: Fiona Cram, Katoa Ltd, Auckland and Hazel Phillips, Independent Consultant, Wellington

Book reviews

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education: An introduction for the teaching profession
Reviewed By David Singh, Research Fellow, Indigenous Studies Research Network, Queensland University of Technology