Indigenous Studies Research Network

International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies

Volume 1, Number 1, 2008

Title: Editorial
Name: Aileen Moreton-Robinson and Maggie Walter

Title: The Ethics of Intercultural Approaches to Indigenous Studies: Conjoining Natives and Palestinians in Context
Author: Steven Salaita, Virginia Tech

Title: FANON IN THE ANDES: Fausto Reinaga, Indianismo, and the Black Atlantic
Author: Jose Antonio Lucero, University of Washington

Title: From Place to Territories and Back Again: Centering Storied Land in the discussion of Indigenous Nation-building
Author: Mishuana Goeman, Dartmouth College

Title: Personalising the History Wars: Woretemoeteryenner’s Story
Author: Maggie Walter and Louise Daniels, University of Tasmania

Title: The Shark, Remora and Aboriginal History
Author: John Maynard, University of Newcastle

Book reviews

Rebuilding Native Nations Strategies for Governance and Development
Reviewed by Bronwyn Fredericks, Monash University and Queensland University of Technology

High Stakes: Florida Seminole Gaming and Sovereignty
Reviewed by: Fiona Nicoll, University of Queensland