Indigenous Studies Research Network

Articles and book reviews

We welcome abstracts of articles and book reviews, which should be emailed to the editors. If accepted we will email you and ask for a copy, which will be submitted to referees. We would appreciate that the work not be submitted to other publications. Once we have received the referee reports they will be forwarded to you for revision. Discretion to publish remains with the editors. We are seeking articles and book reviews from a variety of disciplines related to, but not exclusive of the following topics.

  • Indigenous sovereignty and colonisation
  • Indigenous people and the environment
  • Indigenous politics and rights
  • Indigenous people and the law
  • Indigenous people and racism
  • Indigenous people and new technologies
  • Indigenous visual art and performance
  • Indigenous people and media
  • Indigenous methodologies and research
  • Indigenous cultures, heritage and repatriation
  • Indigenous science
  • Indigenous economies
  • Indigenous literature
  • Indigenous pedagogy and education
  • Indigenous health
  • Indigenous feminisms
  • Indigenous queer politics and theory
  • Indigenous critical theory
  • Indigenous history
  • Indigenous identity
  • Indigenous philosophy
  • Indigenous film making

We welcome proposals for special editions. Proposals should be limited to two pages outlining the topic, rationale and potential contributors and submitted to the editors for consideration. Special issues will be the responsibility of the guest editors proposing the issue who will be responsible for content, refereeing and editing.