Indigenous Studies Research Network

2013 Conferences


Global Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Date: 20–22 February, 2013
Location: Sydney, Australia



IEU Indigenous Conference: Focus on National teaching standards
Date: 15 March, 2013
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Native Women and Men's Wellness Conference
Date: 17–21 March, 2013
Location: San Diego, CA, USA


5th International Meeting on Indigenous Child Health: Strong Communities, Healthy Children
Date: 19–21 April, 2013
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Indigenous Forces at Work
Date: 30 April–2 May, 2013
Location: Darwin, NT, Australia


World Indigenous Network (WIN) Conference
Date: 26–31 May, 2013
Location: Darwin, NT, Australia



National Native Title Conference 2013: Shaping the Future
Date: 3–5 June, 2013
Location: Alice Springs, NT, Australia
Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Care
Date: 4–6 June, 2013
Locations: Cairns, Queensland, AUS
NAISA Annual Conference
Date: 13-15 June, 2013
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
National Congress of American Indians
NCAI Mid year Conference

Date: 24-28 June, 2013
Locations: Reno, USA


Re-Imagining Indigenous Health Education: Harnessing energy, implementing evidence, creating change
Date: 26–28 August, 2013
Location: Darwin, NT, Australia


7th Annual National Indigenous Legal Conference: Pathways to Tomorrow
Date: 5–6 October, 2013
Location: Fremantle, WA, Australia
Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference
Date: 9–11 October, 2013
Location: Alice Springs, NT, Australia


National Indigenous Health Conference
Date: 25–27 November, 2013
Location: Cairns, Queensland, AUS