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White Australia has always had a view on what makes a 'real' Aboriginal person. Andrew Bolt is the merely the latest in a long line of commentators who have put forward their views about 'black' and 'white' Aboriginals. Spread across a continent after 200 years of colonisation, Aboriginal people are diverse in a way that is at odds with media stereotypes of 'traditional' Aboriginal people living in troubled remote communities. At a crucial time for recognition and reconciliation, does 'white' or 'black' matter? Who speaks for Aboriginal people and defines who they are?

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ABC Speaking Out Interview

How do you get more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to consider an academic career? It's just one of the questions that Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson is hoping to answer through a new organisation.

The National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network recently received $3.2 million dollars from the Australian Research Council. It hopes to connect Indigenous researchers from around Australia and build relationships with external partners for joint projects. Professor Moreton-Robinson explains how the network will operate.

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Is the debate over identity in Australia – who gets to call themselves indigenous – just the new face of racism? A throwback to the question “Just how black are you?” so often used to keep uppity blackfellas in their place?

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